Dead Body Transport Embalming Services in Delhi, India

The main reason for embalming a body is preservation. We as modern Funeral Director will try to keep the body look as same as possible keeping in mind the sanitary standards.

Why is Embalming Important:

The department is providing embalming services in medicolegal cases required for transportation of dead body to faraway places in India and abroad. It is also done to preserve bodies for future dissection/teaching purpose. In rare occasions the embalming is done on the dead body of important personality for public view.

Hospital Embalming Charges:

A charge of around INR 8000/- in cash only, is to be deposited in the Hospital Cash Counter. A receipt of cash payment is handed over to the relatives. The staff shall deposit the amount on the next working day at Accounts section and obtain the original receipt.

Verification of following documents is required:

  • • Requisition form for embalming with consent.
  • • Post-mortem conduction certificate/Post-mortem report.
  • • No objection certificate/ Body handover receipt for transportation of body by Police.
  • • Identification of dead body (Photo identity).
  • • Communicable disease (documents).
  • • Embassy-High commission requisition form/Information to embassy, if foreign national.
  • • Payment slip.

Why choose Kumar International –

Professionals know the embalming technique and you will be satisfied to see the result even after many days of the death. You can’t compromise with the quality in service when it comes to embalming and this is what we promise. Even if you have to wait for the last relative or close one to see the deceased person for the last time at your home, we can help you preserve the body.

We arrange the embalming services in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad (India) for the human remains in order to keep the human remains away from decomposition and keep it in fit and hygienic position for transportation by air/train/road, as the case may be.