Detailed Procedure for Funeral shipping Services from India to other countries

In today’s mobile society, it is not at all unusual for somebody to die in one city and be moved to another for cremation or burial. In fact, there are many reasons that the place of death may not be the final resting place. For example, the death may occur while the person is away on vacation or while working out-of-town. The late person may have retired and relocated but is being returned to his or her birthplace as a final resting place.

Indian cities especially New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata have a large immigrant population from countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Germany, France & Japan many of which choose repatriation to their state/country of origin upon death.

Each country has different regulations and requirements for both domestic & international funeral shipping –

The cost of repatriation can vary from country to country depending upon the client’s requirements & the mode of transportation. The other factors that decide the cost are state/country that you want to transport the deceased, whether you choose to ship non-cremated human remains or cremated remains.

Regardless of where a person dies, arrangements for transporting the deceased to the place where the remains can be handled will need to be made. In most cases, the arrangements for transportation of human remains will be made by a funeral director. There are special considerations and regulations that apply to transportation and these professionals will know how to handle the details.

The different procedures for funeral shipping services through air include document clearance, airport permissions, medical clearance, immigration and customs clearance that are required by the different consulates.

Here we have listed the procedures for shipping Non-cremated Human Remains –

  • • Removal of Deceased mortal remains.
  • • Translation of your documentation into their respective languages.
  • • Custom clearance at Airport for human remains.
  • • Paperwork &Documentation clearance at the Airport.
  • • Airport permissions for funeral shipping.
  • • Embalming services for the human remain secure from decomposition.
  • • Shipping Requirements.
  • • Approvals from both local, and “receiving country”.
  • • Sealer casket, and shipping container approved by “receiving country”.
  • • Supervision on the deceased international flight.

Funeral shipping services include the collection and removal of the deceased, filing of necessary documents, freezer box, ambulance, embalming services, and delivery to the departure airport. The export/import of human remains has to meet the regulations of both the air transport regulations of both local and receiving country.