Most Trusted Dead Body Transportation Services in India

Dead Body Transporter is administrated by a team of highly skilled experts offering a complete range of unescapable services needed for the transportation and funeral of dead body to national as well as international destinations. We provide medical help, road, air and train dead body transportation services, coffin box, dead body freezer and embalming services.

Here are the topmost services that we provide:

Coffin Box Service (Dead Body Box)

Our range of coffin boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be utilized to transport safely the human remains across different city, state and country.

Moreover, they are pretty strong to be carried by any means of transport, i.e. road, rail or air. Additionally, we also make available customized coffin boxes to the clients as per the requirements. So, be it any time of the day or year, we are always active to help you out in your difficult time with our range of “Dead Body Box”.

Dead Body Freezer Box

We also offer mortuary freezer box services at nursing homes and hospitals along with freezer ambulance services at reasonable prices, as we understand the difficult times, you have been going through.

You can visit or call us to hire our dead body freezing box and equipment, anytime. Any distance dead body transfer service during any hour of the day will be provided by us.

Funeral Services

This includes the crematorium bookings whether electric or pyre and all the relevant arrangements required for the funeral.
  • Liaising with the pundits
  • The ritual materials
  • Arthi/Matka
  • A floral basket
  • Wood
  • Ash collection with client 

Embalming Services

Embalming service that we dispense will ensure that body stays in its original form without any decomposition for several days without any significant foul smell. This service of embalming of human remain also keeps the body in a hygienic state for facilitating transportation via air, road or train.

Embalming service by Dead Body Transporter are top-notch. We make use of best quality and chemicals to make sure that the dead body stays in best condition for the required duration of time. Our service is made available in budget and we strive delicately to give you the best service satisfaction with our Embalming Services.

Hearse Van Service

A Hearse Van likewise comes in different types as per the requirements. More often than not, it is in black colours, and individuals love to transport their loved ones in such vehicle. In the event, you have any special requirement with the Hearse Van, even that can be fulfilled by us. The cost of our range of vans vary depending upon the need and distance of the journey. We have been providing “Hearse Van Service in Delhi” for a long time and there has not been a single event where we have defaulted in putting forth a great service.

Bottom Line:

Our team of experienced and multi-lingual staff assist with repatriations to and from any city/country around the globe. Our dedicated team works around the clock to provide you with 24 hour service, throughout the year.