What is the cost & procedure of transporting a dead body in flight?

Cost of flying a dead body varies from place to place. Domestic dead body transportation cost from 17k to 25k including all the procedures like embalming services, packing of dead body and other documentation including deceased transportation cost.

International Dead Body Transportation cost from 50k to 1.2 lakhs based on the country you are travelling to.

There are a few formalities to transport a dead body in Cargo flights:

1. Condition of the Body: The condition of the dead body must be embalmed & it must be packed in coffin box. Blood for sure ambulance assists you in the embalming and sealing body in coffin box. This facility is also available in some well-known hospitals & all Medical Science institutes.

2. Passenger flight ticket: Book your flight ticket at least 7-8 hours in hand before your departure. So that there is an adequate amount of time remaining for body embalming, sealing in the Coffin box and other required documents to get it done and keep in mind that you must report at least 3 hours before the actual flight time. The following documents needed to carry the dead body transportation by air & all these below documents should be made in English & at least 6 set of photocopies of all these documents are needed.

3. Death Certificate from respective hospital/ medical authority. If death happened in hospital then the hospital provides a certificate.

The Format of Death Certificate must have:

  • Name of deceased person.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Name of Father or Husband.
  • Place of death (Current residence)
  • Cause of Death.
  • If there have a known terminal decease, write that as well.
  • Name and Sign of Doctor.
  • Registration number and seal of Doctor. DO NOT MISS THIS. Missing this will make the certificate unacceptable at multiple places.
  • Original Passport of the deceased person or photocopy of cancelled passport.
  • Original Embalming and Packaging Certificate that should include deceased’s full name, age, place of death issued by Embassy.
  • NOC from local police where death has occurred (Police STAMP is Mandatory)
  • Post-mortem Report.
  • PNR flight number of the co-passenger.
The dead body is packed in a coffin and booked as normal cargo. One person must travel on the same flight. Book the ticket as usual. You will get the PNR number from here.
  • Coffin certificate.
  • One passport size photo.

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