Dead Body Transport Services Via Road in India

Transportation of the dead body via road, either within a city or between cities in the same state or Inter- State. If a funeral is to be conducted in a different city to the place of death, or even in another state, you may need to consider your options to transport the deceased. In the case of short distances, your funeral provider will usually be able to offer their services, often charged at a normal mileage rate.

The death of a loved one is an inevitable reality which we cannot escape. So, once someone has lost their life, it becomes extremely important to transport them to their last resting place and perform their last rites. It is at this time, we at Kumar International specialize in safe transport of the dead body from the hospital or another city via road to the place where last rites of the person are to be performed.

Hire A Professional Carrier:

When the distance is beyond their travel range, the funeral service provider will hire a carrier that specializes in transporting human remains – i.e. express dead body transport company. Mostly mortuary transport services will charge a fee for forwarding remains to the funeral home or concerned person.

We have vans as well as ambulances that are equipped with advanced features and facilities required to transport the body of the diseased in proper time. Our transportation vehicles come with refrigerated box which wherein the body is kept in order to avoid decomposition till the time of funeral. Moreover, our “Dead Body Transport by Road” is affordable and we make sure to serve the needy quickly in the time of their grief.

Common Procedure for Transportation of Human Remains:

If the deceased will be embalmed in the destination city, or will not be embalmed at all, an appropriate method of refrigeration will be necessary during transportation. The remains may be packed in ice box or freezer container. If the body has been embalmed prior to transportation, refrigeration should not be necessary.

In addition, some states or concerned person require that a body be embalmed if it will be transported via “common carrier,” such as a mortuary van, hearse van or Dead Body Freezer Ambulance.

State legislation governing funerals homes can vary state-to-state, so the need for embalming may depend on upon where the deceased is being transported from and to.

If any patient expired in the hospital and his relatives are from abroad for that time being, we keep the body in the concerned hospital mortuary.

If unfortunately, that big hospital is not available then we can keep the body in private mortuary whichever is available in various part of the cities.

Bottom Line:

We are compassionate and always understand the frame of mind of the families during their difficult times. And, therefore, we strive dedicatedly to dispense our service 24*7 on all days to support to our valuable customers.