Rail Ambulance

This is a very scare and seldom occurrence because of the disadvantage in end point destination . This is one of the most time consuming because of the mass Public Carrying systems. But one of the main advantage it is very helpful to poorer sections of the society who are ailing for considerable time and living in remote areas. It is also economical and competitive.

Medical Escort via Rail is money- saving option when time is not a prevailing concern, the patient’s condition requires him/her to be lying down. Patients are accompanied by members of our medical team and travel in AC First and AC Second Class Trains. The medical team provides assistance with all equipments as below with ACLS medications.

Supplies And Equipment In The Train:

Oxygen Cylinders, Ventilators, Cardiac monitors and defibrillator units, Suction equipments. All ACLS Drugs IV supplies. Scoop stretch.